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Eugènia Gassull
Creator and designer Egass


I have two great passions in life, music and design and creation of jewelry.

As a professional pianist I have  shared concerts with singers and instrumentalists throughout Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Puerto Rico and the United States.

As a designer, especially in jewelry design,  I have created Egass.

Since I very young I have loved creating things with my hands. The harmony and combination of colors, the accessories, the clothes, the details and the beautiful things with an essence fulfil my passion to create. I have painted and made ceramics but when I discovered the design and elaboration of jewelry, I realized that it was what I had been looking for.

My profession as a performer requires the execution of the musical pieces at the exact time and place of the concert . However, the design and elaboration of jewelry allows me another freedom. When I’m creating a piece, the time and the place are transformed. This tranquillity and freedom help me to  transmit joy to the people who receive the jewelry.

For me Egass is a personal project, a projection, an accomplishment in another artistic and creative field outside of music. That is why I dedicate a great part of my time to it.

I enjoy sharing moments with my family and my friends. Cinema, reading, yoga, nature and  gastronomy are important too in my life.

I love my Egass team. I love the enthusiasm, talent and care that they put into everything related to this project.


Clara Gassull
Photographer of Egass


My passion are photography, teaching art and my varied personal projects. I love walking in nature, observing  and playing, as when we were kids and we built log cabins.

At Egass I try to show the best of each piece through photography, starting from the delicacy and elegance that characterize them.

Working at Egass is nice and cozy…like home.



Judit Sánchez
Graphic designer of the Egass identity


I am dedicated as an artist, and as a graphic designer and illustrator, to work on projects that come from the heart; sensitive, that are small but immense. I seek projects  for those with whom I share this sensitivity. So I always learn from myself and from others. I learn to transmit feelings, dreams and ways of living life with projects that we want to share and nuture.

I love the sea, the sea, the sea. This is my great passion. I need it to create, to live. I love meeting people who share this connection.

At Egass, I always taking into account the values ​​of the brand but also contributing my vision in the project, I used as a reference the individual pieces and the diversity in the models that they propose, to create an elegant identity and with harmony but contrasted, as Egass pieces are. This is how I used two very different types to create the logo, because it represents Egass like its jewels. A delicacy that you we can see in the final pieces.

At Egass,  I used individual pieces and the diversity of the models, to create an elegant identity and with harmony but with contrast, as Egass pieces are. This is how I used two very different types to create the logo, because it represents Egass like its jewels. I always taking into account the values ​​of the brand but also contributing my vision in the project A delicacy that you we can see in the final pieces.

For me, Egass is very special because when I was still studying my career, they trusted me and incorporated me into the project. Egass is also special because of its sensitivity and because, although the time has passed since the creation of its identity, I am still part of its team. It is a pleasure.



Anna Albareda
Egass communication


I’m a journalist and advertiser. At Egass, I’m in charge of the external communication of the brand. I do, follow and apply step by step the new branding strategy that we have stablished. The functions are various: writing texts, editing or small changes in the website, shootings and editing of photographs or publications on social networks. And all this I always do with the follow-up of Eugènia, the creator of all Egass pieces.

In my professional life, I have dedicated myself to work for many brands with different projects, either in journalism or in advertising. Communication is my field and where I feel comfortable. I have done radio programs, communication strategies, websites, I have written articles, published blog posts or I have been commissioned to raise and execute the external image of a brand.

I like to work for projects that I see a sense, a human background and, above all, where there is a team of people that is really worthwhile. Egass meets all the requirements. Not only the pieces are delicate and they are what they promise, but all the people behind the projects are very good professionals and, above all, it is a pleasure to work with them.

I have different passions, but where I enjoy the most is listening to music, being in nature, having a good conversation or surrounding myself with interesting people, doing sport or executing a project where I feel comfortable. All this gives me energy.

From the first moment that I have started to collaborate with Egass, I have known that it would be a very good experience. It has coincided that I am also creating a personal project in parallel and Egass fits perfectly with both my skills and professional and personal projections.



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